Dakota Pharmacy and Dakota Natural Health Center encourage patients to participate in our SHAKE-A-DAY medical foods program.  It is the one change that you can make that is extremely easy and can have a significant impact on your health.  

It is estimated by Center for Disease Control that as many as 60% of chronic disease states can be directly attributed to lack of insulin control.  In 2012 the U.S. Dept. of Health estimated that 86 million Americans were in this pre-disease state. Nothing can replace a balanced diet but a SHAKE-A-DAY can go a long way to help achieve balance.  Shake-A-Day can help with decreasing inflammation, weight loss, IBD, regulating blood sugars, and hormone balancing.   METABOLIC SYNDROME, INSULIN RESISTANCE, SYNDROME X…..These are a few of the catch phrases tossed around that have a negative impact on our general health. By making the simple change, as adding a shake-a-day to your diet, a balance can be reached. 

SHAKE-A-DAY includes DynaMeal and Dynamic Fruits and Greens in a shaker cup with water, juice or a combination of each. SHAKE-A-DAY can be further customized using other medical foods to address specific needs.

A medical food, such as DynaMeal, is formulated with nutrients that are recognized by scientific principles to support dietary management of a disease or condition.  Medical foods contain nutrients that typically cannot be acquired through normal dietary measures.   These medical foods may be used as a meal replacement, a between-meal snack, or in conjunction with a meal. 

Other medical foods available in our online store include:


This simple and easy change will make you feel like a better, healthier, and happier you!   
Call or come into Dakota Pharmacy and ask us about which shake is best for you.   

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