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The best way to reach your health goals is to make small conscious changes that you can commit to for the long haul. One of these changes can be adding a sound foundation of nutritional supplementation. Our pharmacist-recommended CORE 4 supplement package is a great place to start!

The CORE-4 package includes:

• Vitamin D
• Quality multi-vitamin
• Omega 3 fatty acids
• Probiotic to help with gut health

The CORE-4 package of these four supplements comes with a 10% discount when purchased in the store or by phone and a 20% discount for our Serenity Quest Members.

We have done extensive work to make sure the products on our shelves are of the highest quality. As always, please feel free to reach out to our staff at Dakota Pharmacy with any questions, or go to to become a serenity quest member today!

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