Ionopnorisis & Phonophorisis


Iontophoresis pharmaceutical compounds contain active ingredient(s) in properly polarized aqueous solutions. Iontophoresis therapy involves the movement of drug ions by electric current. Our custom formulations, unlike commercial products, do not contain competing ions such as preservatives, antioxidants, or buffering agents that may decrease the effectiveness of the procedure.

Iontophoresis utilizes a wide variety of chemicals solubilized into ionic components to offer the greatest benefits.


Phonophoresis medications are incorporated into bases (i.e. creams, water-soluble gels, and prepared Ultrasound gel). The base for the active ingredient is important to achieve the highest therapeutic result.

Phonophoresis is the introduction of substances into the body by ultrasonic energy. Unlike iontophoresis (which involves the transfer of ions into the tissue), phonophoresis transmits molecules across the skin barrier by diffusion, a different process although similar in concept.