373 Brand Medicated Eczema Cream

Available now at Dakota Pharmacy without prescription.

Fast Acting. Fragrance-free. Have you tried everything under the sun to treat your eczema? 373 Brand Medicated Eczema Cream, is a doctor-recommended cream that you'll find used in nursing homes, clinics and in homes. This unscented, fragrance-free eczema cream product is fast-acting and speeds healing with topical use.

Windburn, cracked skin and irritated skin are problems you may feel are unsolvable. 373 Brand Medicated Eczema Cream has benefits for both eczema and generally dry, cracked skin. Additionally, some customers have found that our cream can help ease minor sunburns and other types of skin conditions.
Benefits are just around the corner at Dakota Pharmacy. 373 Brand Medicated Eczema Cream can help you:

• Soothe minor cuts, scrapes, burns and sunburns
• Reduce the impact of non-poisonous insect bites and rashes
• Protect your skin against chafing, cracking or chapping temporarily

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